One Very Serious Machine

Completion of Customized Abutment machining

With various machining methods of pre-milled blank
provided by us, anyone can easily machine
high quality Customized Abutment.
Machining with removal of Connector
using AT Cartridge, Cuff Side (Gingiva area)
and Occlusal Side precision machining
using Jig T Type are possible.

From Disk to Pre-milled Blank

From Zirconium Disk machining using removable Disk Cartridge
to Pre-milled Blank machining (10 pieces simultaneously)’ become possible.

Cuff Side(Gingiva area)
& Occlusal Side precision machining

With the use of Attachment on Jig T Type,
you can select the precision machining area according
to the pre-milled blank mounting direction.
Cuff Side (Gingival area) or Occlusal Side precision machining
improves the completeness of Customized Abutment.

Dedicated template for ARUM,
The Outcome of our extensive know-how

Based on our extensive know-how accumulated over many years and various milling restoration around the world, we provide the optimal dedicated ARUM template for any case of Implant Bar and Screw-retain Bridge. This is ARUM’s unique asset that cannot be provided anywhere else.


ProcessingWet and Dry
Spindle PowerAC 1.8 kW
Max. RPM50,000
Tool Shank (mm)Ø6
Drive MechanismBall Screw
Way SystemLinear Guide
Machine Size (WxDxH)28 x 35 x 33.5 inch
Total Size (WxDxH)28 x 35 x 68.9 inch
Weight (Machine / Table)210kg / 82kg
Travel – X,Y,Z axis9.84 x 4.57 x 4.33 inch
Travel – B-axis360˚